charmap tool

Get it on Windows 10
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browse characters
and symbols
in any font
using pages
background and foreground colors
font size
characters per page
double click action

dev oriented
create controls for
UWP and WPF (TextBlock, TextBox, Label)
Ammy (
Clipboard copy
your workspace is always preserved
window size and position
remember last selected font
remember last visited page

get Unicode for each char
get keystroke for each char
export as bitmap
font support
browse fonts installed in your system
browse fonts in external TTF file

double click
get Unicode sequence
get actual characters
copy them into clipboard
mark a char as Favorites
mark a char using chartags
search for any char

ClickOnce installer
Portable Zip file
From the Windows Store
Get it on Windows 10
tips and tricks
Press F3 to open the Chartags Search window
Close windows using ESC key (main window and Code Output Window)
Use CTRL + C into the Code Output Window to automatically copy generated code (XAML or HTML)
Use CTRL + Left to quickly move to the previous page
Use CTRL + Right to quickly move to the next page
Move to a specific page using the textbox near the 'Go' button: insert a valid number page and simply press Enter!
release notes
Release 1.2 (current version, 15 January 2017)
support for Ammy language -
more powerful context menu
optimizations and bug-fixing

Release 1.1
special chars highlighting (Favorites and with chartags)

Release 1.0
Initial version of CharMapMe

CharMapMe is a product - © (2017)